Homoeopathy acts more Faster in EMERGENCY Also

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Sr Homoeopathic consultant / Physician Dr Baranwal has 40 years experience of successful Homoeopathic treatment. In 1974 --- Medical Officer at Motilal Nehru Homoeopathic Hospital, Lucknow .1974-75 House Officer at INDOOR Hospital of Govt National Homoeopathic Medical College, Lucknow .

1975-1995 served as Medical Officer (Homoeo) of UP Govt services and was posted in Distt. Varanasi, Sitapur, Lakhimpur Kheri, Agra, District Hospital Muzaffarnagar & Meerut. In Meerut he started for the first time , admission of patients to Indoor Homoeopathic Deptt, which was and is not available any where in U.P. 1996-2011 promoted to the post of Distt. Homoeopathic Medical Officer (Distt. Level officer) and worked at Meerut, Baghpat & Muzaffarnagar etc.


I was suffering from sever headache and Acidity for last 45 years. i was tottaly hopeless of cure of my illness as i had taken all sorts of treatments at reputed hospitals, even my friend doctors at Apollo Hospital, New Delhi could not help me. Mrs Damyanti Goel, Mayor Ghaziabad Insisted me many times to go to Dr. Baranwal in Meerut for Homeo Treatment. On 24.08.10 i Consulted Dr. Baranwal. He took one hour to note my details and finally diagnosed Cervical Spondylitis. Previously no any doctor has reached this point during last 45 years. It was unbelievable, Anyhow, i accepted to continue the treatment at least for one month. After 1 week of treatment, i was relieved of my complaints about 50% and after 3 weeks, i was better upto 90%. Now i was assured that i would be cured. After 2 months, i was better by 95% over all. After 3 months, there was no problem, i had no complaint. It was really miracle for me and aslo for related doctors. Many many thanks to Dr. Baranwal for making my life pleasant.

Mr. J.P.Sharma, Engineer, 60 year, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad.



I was suffering from severe diabetes for 8 years. During past years i had 3 attacks of Typhoid Fever, i had gall stone - 9mm and pain & fever. I was taking insulin 110 units (35, 35,40) per day. Even then blood sugar was rising upto 550. I was advised kidney transplantation by AIIMS, New Delhi, which was very dificult for me. I was on leave for last 3 months due to my extreme illness. On 12th October 2010, one of my collegue took me to Dr. S.C.Baranwal for Homoeo Treatment. He gave me some medicines and asked to come after 1 week and really i felt better so much that i didn't get my blood sugar checked. On 26.12.2010. I was better by 80% but no blood sugar checked. I continued his treatment till 22 feb 2011 but didn't think to get my blood sugar checked as there was no problem. I thought it was useless, i am very thinkful to Dr. Baranwal & to my collegue who took me to meerut.


Rajendra Kumar, 51 years, School Teacher, Hapur.




I was under treatment of Dr. S.C.Baranwal (who is posted as Distt. Homoeo Medical Officer at Ambedkar Nagar) for Hypertension for last 2 months as he visited Lucknow frequently. On 12.09.10 i was travelling from my hometown Jaunpur to Lucknow by car with my staff. Suddenly heavy bleeding started from my nose & headache in the way. An Alert Message was sent to Civil Hospital Lucknow but i was 2-3 hrs away from lucknow. My P.A. Contacted Dr. Baranwal by phone who was 90 kms away from me, he advised to reach at District Hospital, Sultanpur (being on the route) and contact there Homoeopathic Medical Officer. As per telephonic advise of Dr. Baranwal, he gave me some medicins after cleaning my nose, I remained there for about 25 minutes after which Dr. Baranwal advised me to start for Lucknow along with Medicines, taking in the way. I was relieved of Bleeding & Headache within 45 minutes. Instead of going to Civil Hospital, Lucknow. I reached to my residence in Lucknow in normal condition. Really i am very much thankful to Dr.Baranwal for such emergency / instant telephonic treatment.


Mr. P.N.Maurya, Chairman - Backward Commission, U.P. Govt

  • Homeopathy Acts More Faster in Emergency Aslo.